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A physician orders 1000 ml of D5NS (dextrose 5% in water) for a child to be given at 100 mL/hr. Calculate the flow rate if the delivery system is 10 gtt/ml.
An IV mixture is labeled 225 mg/250 cc. The physician prescribes 3 mcg/kg/min for a 50-kg patient. What is the flow rate if a microdropper administration set is used?
A physician prescribes 100 mL of an IV fluid. If the patient is to receive 5 ml/10 min via a microdropper administration set, calculate the flow rate.
A physician orders isotonic sodium lactate 5 mL/kg body mass to be administered intravenously for a 164-lb patient with severe acidosis. The rate of flow is 15 drops/min, and the administration set is 20 gtt/mL. What is the running time?
A physician orders 75 ml of 5% protein hydrolysate, 25 ml of dextrose, and 20 ml of isotonic salt solution for a child, to be administered intravenously at the rate of 60 gtt/min via a microdropper administration set. What is the running time?
An IV of 600 ml was ordered to infuse in 3 hours using a 15 gtt/ml set. With 2 hours remaining, you discover only 200 mL is left in the bag. At what rate will you need to set the flow?
The doctor orders 125 mg of medication per hour. The label on the IV bag reads 5g/1000ml. The set delivers 15 gtts/ml. How many ml should infuse each hour? The current flow rate is 10 gtts/min. Is this correct? If not, what is the correct flow rate?
An IV was started at 9:00 a.m. with orders to infuse 600 ml over 7 hrs. At 12 noon the IV infiltrated with 400 ml left in the bag. At 1:00 p.m. the IV was restarted. The set calibration is 20 gtt/ml. Calculate the new flow rate to deliver the fluid on time.